Welcome to Niamtus and let’s get down to business. If you are not a programmer or do not have a higher education in IT (Information Technology), do not worry! In order to start developing your game you only need a good computer, internet and the most important desire!

What is a Niamtus?

Our website pursues a sacred goal – Level Up, a home-grown indie development that unites people who make games with those who play them.

It’s an attempt to bring together all the pieces of Gamedev’s puzzle: news articles on game or near-game topics, search for employees and placement of vacancies.

A repository of knowledge and tools for game development, and, of course, an exclusive opportunity to organize your own internal game page for pre-production and gathering of an organic audience (i.e. before the release of the game).


Want to talk about your game or share your experience? Then you are in the right place!

You have all the power of our publication tools at your disposal! Niamtus project module will help you to create a stylish page with a description of the project in a couple of clicks, integrate it with existing social networks, which will allow you to quickly and easily share the latest news on all channels.

Thanks to our fitting, the site will become your platform for accumulating the audience, in addition to the convenient functionality for working in the game team.

Gambling community

You’re tormented by the question, “Will my concept take off?”

Here you will find a lively, interested audience and an active feedback – perhaps this is where you will gather your army of fans! Don’t be timid if the players’ response is the opposite of your expectations. After all, you will be able to adjust your course to the expectations of customers before you get to the store!

Want something new?

We have a lot of projects at different stages of development, you will get to know the authors of the games, you can ask questions directly and directly affect the process of work and the choice of game features.

New connections

Are you going to break into Gamedev? Maybe your team needs a 3D artist? Or a programmer? Or both? Or maybe you’re looking for opportunities to realise your abilities in the field of game development?

Niamtus is a great place to make useful acquaintances, to prove yourself in your favorite field, to take your first steps towards your future career and just to participate in the development of an interesting project!

Our team

The founders of the project come from the XGM community. For many years we supported a small section of Niamtus on the site and carefully worked out the concept of a new place where everyone, from developers to fans of experimental projects, would be comfortable to communicate, share experience, news, developments and tips.

At some point, we became close within the framework of the thematic forum, and we decided to take a desperate step – to create our own project dedicated to gameplay.

DevTribe is the result of hard work and love for game development. We hope that it will open even more possibilities, become a home and a reliable support for many game developers and fans.