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The game designer profession is becoming increasingly popular with the development of gaming industry and virtual reality technologies.

High demand not only for competent professionals, but also the level of salaries, which are ready to offer them companies, especially foreign ones. Get a job in a large European company will help international diploma, which is recognized throughout the EU.

To get a higher education in Europe in the field of game-design is real. Finnish universities offer education in English at prices well below the average European level, and UNiF will help you prepare all the necessary documents and prepare for admission to any of them.

One of Finland’s leading universities, Xmamk, welcomes international students to its Game Design programme, which costs 6,000 euros per academic year. Students with good academic performance have the opportunity to halve their tuition fees!

World-class specialists are trained in Finland. Did you know that it was Finnish developers who invented Angry Birds, Alan Wake, Legend of Grimlock, Clash of Clans, Max Payne, and that’s not a complete list? Definitely Finns know a lot about quality computer games, so they have a lot to learn from it.

Briefly about the program:

  • Xamak University of Applied Sciences
  • Bachelor of Arts and Culture Qualification
  • Specialty Game Developer
  • In-person training in English
  • 240 ECTS, 4 years
  • Campus in Kowola

Game-design program in Xmuk

A game-designer is a specialist who is directly involved in making games. He is responsible not only for the visual part – character design and animation, but also develops the concept of the game, acts as a link between developers and players.

Graduates of the Game Design program will be masters of game production with a focus on planning and development of games, as well as a clear understanding of the gaming industry. Game-design training will allow students with different cultural backgrounds to build an international career.

The core of the program is visual arts, design skills, methods and tools. The training is built around 3D modeling, conceptual design, scripting and game mechanics. In lectures, workshops and master classes, students will learn about different game concepts, leading to multidisciplinary design-oriented projects.

Students will be able to create games and interactive products that will engage users. Already in your student years you will get real work experience and will have a complex approach to the concepts of game design and its visual component.

The Xamik Game Design program gives students competence to work in the gaming business at a world-class level. Graduates will realize the full potential of gamification and opportunities to develop games within markets, including the private and public sectors, as well as the entertainment sector.

What do they study on the game design at Xmyck

The Game Design program consists of seven core modules, including internships, elective courses and diploma thesis. Your competencies as a game designer will grow under the influence of different topics of study.

In your first year of study, you will learn about the principles of game design, the tools and programs that are used to do so. A work project will be carried out to reinforce the skills acquired.

sophomore students learn the skills of the initial stages of production, image creation and game environment, as well as directly game production.

The third course is aimed at internationalizing the acquired knowledge and deepening understanding of the gaming business, i.e. at this time the students can go on an exchange trip and take an internship. Xamk University strongly recommends that you do not miss out on the opportunity to study or practice in another country.

The fourth year is dedicated to developing your own competitiveness and skills through independent projects, elective courses and diploma thesis.

Game-design platform Meduusa

At Xamk University, students study in a learning environment that is already inspiring in itself to generate new ideas for games. There is a Meduusa student community here that deals with the latest technology and programs. They are involved in gaming projects on different platforms.

Students in gaming design work closely with students in the Information Technology program who specialize in programming. During your studies, you will develop your own games and fill your professional portfolio.

Employment of graduates with a specialization in game design

When Game Design is finished, you’ll have the freedom to choose where you want to work. Is that true for both companies and countries?

Examples of positions include: Game Designer, Heroes’ 3D Modeling and Game Environment Developer, Concept Artist, User Interface Designer, Game Design Entrepreneur, Freelance Game Developer.

Paul T. Linder