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Reassuring your pets with the CBD is possible today, since the market for medical cannabis has been regularized, several companies have been born that work at 360º with cannabis, reaching all sectors that we can imagine.

In this case we speak of dogs, which on many occasions we have found our pet terrified by fireworks, loud noises, or simply are very revolutionized and need to relax, sometimes after certain events need to be as quiet as possible to have a better and faster recovery.

In the case of fireworks, it is not recommended in any case to take the dog. The strong noises do not like it and we add lights and the smell of gunpowder, which we like so much in a pyrotechnic show but very little appreciated is for our pets, there are studies from the University of Florida where it is stated that this smell can even be traumatic for them.

In certain places where it is customary to use fireworks for various celebrations, there is often an increase in visits to vets due to the scares and stress that our friends experience, on more than one occasion seeing them try to get under the bed, or the table, or behind the curtain sometimes getting trapped and hurting themselves.

To avoid all that, or at least limit it, Juliana Carella put on the market a wide range of products containing cannabinoids, not only CBD for anxiety, but also THC. In this case we are talking about dry feed, clearly it is not the same a cannabic product for humans as for animals.

These cannabinoids are naturally found in breast milk. Similar to them, endocannabinoids, being mammals like us, have an endocannabinoid system that is reflected in the development of the immune system and the development of the brain.

Although many veterinarians may tell us that cannabinoids can damage our dog’s liver, this is not entirely true, at least in solutions of 1mg of pure CBD. The dog shows absolute tranquillity, where he seems not to be worried about the events that usually bother him, total calm and security in him.

We remember that CBD is not psychoactive, so in no way will he be under psychotropic effects. Juliana states that up to 1 mg every 4.5kg of weight of the animal, is not harmful to him, but can give him up to a few hours of tranquility, the digestive system of a dog is much faster than that of a human, so any medication we give him will be absorbed much more quickly, thus acting quickly but at the same time ending its effect sooner. We will be able to check this with your company’s products: Therabis

In vegetable oils we find another company that adds dissolved CBD extracts in an oily base as a complement to the animal’s diet, this product, according to the manufacturer, will help to keep our pet in a good mood, to limit inflammations, increase hunger, reduce nausea and various pains.

As they are mammals very similar to us, they are also helped by the cannabis oil for rheumatic pains, for example, which are often suffered by dogs living in very humid areas. Barkables is the culprit of these oils.

In fact, in dogs that usually limp due to several conditions, this extract usually returns to the animal enough vitality to be able to walk calmly and normally, without showing any kind of discomfort, or in serious cases, at least showing a remarkable improvement, where the animal has full control of its faculties without being affected by the pain that it may carry.

Possibly this is a great solution for our pets, thus having a natural possibility, without side effects, and giving them back the health they deserve.

If you want to learn more about CBD treats for dogs, just visit their page for more info.

Paul T. Linder

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