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Do psychics really solve criminal activities? If they do … how do they do it? Is it comparable to merely picking up on overlooked ideas as well as putting together pieces of the problem that others may have missed? Or are they really able to glean user-friendly information that others are not? And also why is the area so debatable? It’s virtually difficult to obtain an objective update on instances that have been resolved with psychic assistance or advice. Do they actually exist … or don’t they?

The funny point is, no matter what you may believe concerning psychic capacities, it’s impossible to discount, or overlook the effect they’ve had in helping to address hundreds, otherwise countless high profile criminal activities.

The keyword in the preceding sentence?

” Aiding” to fix. As well as this is where the subject art and also scientific research of what is REALLY taking place when a psychic gets associated with an instance ends up being controversial.

As a psychic and paranormal author, I have actually considered thousands of situations that have included psychics, mediums, clairvoyants, and also empaths of all kinds and also stripes.

And several of the info they have actually given detectives is surprising and quite motivating too.

In fact, I have actually checked out about 7 or 8 situations in the past month, dating back from the late 19th century to the present day (2012) where the psychic or medium has either been jailed or become a centerpiece of the investigation by virtue of the information they’ve revealed to police that no one else recognized.

This alone is extremely powerful, very convincing, and also very solid proof that something fairly unique is taking place in a few of these instances.

That said, for every single instance I’ve taken a look at where there is an overwhelming amount of evidence that the cops have actually made an arrest, or separated a suspect, or perhaps found a body-based upon the information given by psychic assistance, there are 2 more where the info was OFF-BASE, or illogical and even completely incorrect. (several of these instances have actually been seen “live” on TV, as well as with some quite famous psychics which injures public perception quite a bit).

My own take is straightforward:

There is an avalanche of proof, by any affordable requirement, that psychics, mediums, and clairvoyants DO assist police in very unique as well as powerful means. You don’t actually also require me to tell you that – you can review the real testimonies of the police themselves. (there are thousands of them, consisting of the former chief of the FBI).

However, hardly ever do you see an instance fixed by a psychic alone. They generally lead detectives in the appropriate instructions and usually offer engaging clues that eventually resolve the situation. However, as skeptics like to say, there aren’t lots of instances where a psychic takes a policeman by the hand and also literally leads them to a corpse. (or a minimum of, none that I have found that would recognize that in public).

Till that occurs, there will ALWAYS be 2 camps: Those people that think on one side of the street … and those who believe we are nuts on the other!

Paul T. Linder